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How Bitcoin, Cryptos and Provably Fair Algorithms Force Online Casinos to Play Fair

a bunch of bitcoins

The first block of Bitcoin was mined just over 10 years ago on Jan. 3, 2009, and since then, the world’s leading cryptocurrency has become the go-to option for online gambling. The digital coin’s nature of being unregulated by any government and allowing its users to make transactions anonymously has caused the Bitcoin gambling market to explode in recent years. In the early days of crypto-gambling, wagering Bitcoin was done in the shadows and scams were everywhere, leading many to…

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Blockchain Technology Setting Up ‘Uber For Online Casinos’

Blockchain Technology

The online casino industry looks poised for some exciting improvements should things go according to one entrepreneur’s plans. Jez San, the founder of, one of the most successful 3D poker sites in the market, is now turning his attention to online casinos. San is using the new cryptocurrency blockchain model to his advantage in hopes of bringing to online casinos what Uber brought to transportation. San’s endeavor, FunFair, is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is like another popular…

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