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The Provably Fair gambling market is attempting to encompass all facets of casino gaming. Towards this end, online roulette has been integrated with Provably Fair Technology. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more present in the digital casino sector, and Provably Fair Bitcoin roulette is part of the wave.

Online gaming has taken over as the preferred gambling method, especially in areas lacking brick-and-mortar casinos. Online casinos bring convenience along with added benefits like more game selection, bonuses and more. This page was created for gamblers interested in Provably Fair Bitcoin roulette options. You will find information on how the technology works into the game and what Provably Fair Bitcoin casinos offer their users.

Best Provably Fair Roulette Games Available In 2024

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Provably Fair Bitcoin roulette is still a somewhat novel concept in the online gaming industry. There are thousands of online casino options, most of which accepting Bitcoin, but that does not mean they feature Provably Fair Technology.

Our team of Provably Fair Bitcoin casino experts has searched the Internet to find the best options with Provably Fair Bitcoin roulette. On top of online roulette with PF technology, these online casinos have bonuses that reward players for gambling with the site. You can browse through our recommended Provably Fair Bitcoin roulette options by clicking through the links provided in the table.

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How Does Provably Fair Technology Work With Roulette?

Gambling sites using Provably Fair Technology allows users to test the fairness of the roulette game they are playing after each spin. The technology has a consistent base-theme but works differently across game types. For roulette, the Provably Fair process starts with a computer model used to assign values to each part of the wheel and generate a random spin.

A list of tiles is compiled in the order they appear on the roulette wheel. An algorithm generates a random location for the wheel to stop at. The actual wheel spin is known as the ‘result’.

Another value, known as the ‘secret’, is a random number value that creates a fingerprint for the game. The fingerprint is made by hashing the data with the SHA-256 hashing algorithm unique to Provably Fair Technology. This process guarantees that each spin of the wheel is unique.

The fingerprint value can be used to verify the fairness of the game at the end of each turn. The player adds their own input to the game by selecting a random number from 0-36 (or to 37 for the American roulette version) to push the wheel by the selected amount. Players can either select their own numbers or have chosen randomly.

At the end of the turn, players are shown the spin of the wheel (result + secret), the game fingerprint (hash[result + secret]), the player input value and the final result. Players can toggle to the Provably Fair verification window by navigating to the PF tab. Verification is done by comparing the spin to the final result.

Players can check to see how their input value affected the game by counting out how many tiles past the tile it was originally supposed to stop on (found in result + secret). The same tile as the final result should be shown. If all the values match up, it is guaranteed that no tampering has taken place with your game.

What Is The Difference Between Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos And Regular Online Casinos?

Online gambling is not a new concept. The online gaming market has exploded over the last decade with millions of users accessing online casinos daily.

Cryptocurrencies have addressed some of the financial qualms with online casinos and have resulted in online casinos that only accept digital currencies. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in circulation and has the most presence in the market.

In terms of fairness, standard online casinos use Random Number Generator (RNG) technology. This technology is similar to Provably Fair Technology in that it uses algorithms to generate randomness, but Provably Fair utilizes cryptographic hashes.

RNG technology is subject to inspections from licensed gambling technology providers to ensure it is being maintained, but players have no way of verifying it for themselves. This means that players must trust the sites they are using. Online casinos have their fair share of traffic, so the trust is there, but with Provably Fair casinos emerging as viable options, the bulk of traffic may soon be switching over.

Provably Fair Technology gives players the power to check game fairness for themselves. This peace of mind creates a more transparent gaming experience.

Though Provably Fair Technology is still in the process of being rolled out, the demand is growing. It is presumable that more online casinos will begin using technology to attract users.

Do Provably Fair Bitcoin Roulette Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Yes. Bonuses and instant payout provably fair casinos are a crucial aspect of what makes online gaming unique. Bonuses give players additional money to gamble with at no additional cost to them. The most common type of bonus is a match bonus, where players’ deposits are matched by a percentage up to a certain amount.

For example, deposits will be matched 100% up to $1,000. Other bonuses are exclusive to game types and reward structures. For roulette players, general casino bonuses can be applied to individual roulette games.

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